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Austria current timber market report 
[Jul 8, 2024]

Wood from Upper Austrian forests

Quickly process and market beetle wood. The first generation of bark beetles and their sibling broods are finishing or have already completed their development at lower altitudes. This means that a new swarming flight and a second generation will occur. For this reason, spruce stands must be monitored more closely for bark beetle infestation and damaged trees must be removed from the forest quickly. Careful processing and conscientious knurling of beetle nests are recommended in order to contain the further spread of bark beetles.

The removal situation in the Innviertel has eased. The processing of damaged timber from the winter is therefore essentially complete. However, normal utilisation is not advisable for the time being in order to keep capacities free for damaged timber, which will inevitably occur here and there this year due to bark beetle infestation or thunderstorms.

The leading assortment of spruce grade B, Media 2b+ currently has a price range of 95 - 98 euros per cubic metre (net, free road).

The pulp, paper and board industry sites are well stocked with industrial roundwood. Sales of industrial roundwood are continuous. Prices for both needle fibre wood and hardwood fibre wood are currently in the range of EUR 76 - 85 per atro tonne.

Source: ooe.lko.at