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The drastic rise in prices on the Hungarian furniture market seems to have stopped
[Jul 8, 2024]

KSH¡¯s detailed analysis tracks the price changes of three types of furniture: corner sofa, kitchen cabinet, dining table. According to the data, these prices have not kept up with annual inflation. The price of a sofa has risen by an average of 1.5% over the past year, a dining table has become more expensive by 2.1%, while the price of a kitchen cabinet has decreased by 0.58%.

However, if we look at the situation in two years¡¯ time, we can see a significant rise in prices. The price of a dining table has increased by 28.5% since 2022, a kitchen cabinet will cost 18.1% more, while a sofa set will cost 14.7% more.

A similar trend can be observed with IKEA furniture. Based on a March price survey, most of the prices of the 19 most popular products did not change. However, there was a price increase for two products: the price of the Hemnes sofa bed increased by 6.7%, while the price of the Brimnes bed frame increased drastically by 35.2%. At the same time, the price of some products decreased, for example the Ektorp sofa became cheaper by 5.6% and the Hemnes 8-drawer cabinet by 18.1%.

Overall, our shopping basket has become more expensive by 0.8% in the last three months, which means that it now costs HUF 10,920 more than in March.

Source: trademagazin.hu