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Product Name: wood Logs
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Specification: ntegrated Timber also calls Finger joint board, refers to the material or with the integrated board, wood line, refers to the narrow, short wood adhesive extension plank process is a tooth type connection (part), then the horizontal spell wide sheet, upper and lower sides of sanding.The solid wood assembly process is basically the same as the solid wood, but because the material is smaller, there is a lot of stitching in the direction.And after deep processing of solid wood is small like "fingers" patchwork of plank, due to the jagged interface between boards, similar to two hands finger cross docking, therefore calls refers to the plate.Because the log strips are intersected,


Name: Pine Integration Timber

Materials: New Zealand Radiate pine Timber

Glue: E0/E1/E2

Size: 1220x2440mm or as requested

Thickness: 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, etc

Usage: Door, desk , stair railing, furniture and decorative material
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Business Type: exporting
Target Market: worldwide
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