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[Buy]: Oak timbers
Hello, I want to import oaks to Turkey. Could you give me details of your oaks? Thanks...
From: Turkey (12/7/2023)
[Buy]: firewood logs
Hi I am setting up a company in England selling firewood logs and I am looking for a good supplier to do business.  I would like to buy in volume...
From: United Kingdom (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: Pine wood sawn timber
Looking for pine wood sawn timber for furniture producing....
From: United Kingdom (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Cork products
We are interested in your cork products,cork rolls, cork sheets and cork tiles, cork underlayment in rolls . share your product catalog to our email b...
From: United Kingdom (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Finger jointed beech panels
Dear Sirs, We are interested in buying finger jointed and full stave edge glued beech panels.  Finger jointed panels we need in the followin...
From: Hungary (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Film faced plywood
We are a trading company from Bulgaria. We are interested in recycled plywood with black paper. Thickness 20mm +/-0.5mm. size 1220x2440. Quantity fro...
From: Bulgaria (12/1/2023)
[Buy]: Oak mosaic parquet
We are looking for 2500 M2 mosaic parquet 8x23x160mm, and also 8x23x120mm. 50% of volume in English pattern. all qualities needed. also in industrial...
From: Belgium (11/29/2023)
We are dedicated to the marketing of wood, boards and furniture accessories since 1980. We are looking for serious suppliers for the supply of be...
From: Spain (11/29/2023)
[Buy]: Flex lift hedge trimmer
Hello I need flex lift (elephant lift) for hedge trimmer BR.  ...
From: Denmark (11/27/2023)
[Buy]: Pellets
Hello I am interested in the purchase of n 10 containers of your wood pellet . you can make me a quotation CIF port of Salerno Italy  Thank...
From: Italy (11/24/2023)
[Buy]: Item availability - radius and flat slats
We are a company that produces bed frames and I am looking for a new bed slats supplier. I would need radius and flat slats, could you supply the fol...
From: Italy (11/23/2023)
[Buy]: Firewood
We are interested in 2 truckloads (approx. 48 tons) of firewood. Wood length 33cm, split, dry. Stacked on pallets of approx. 500kg. Pri...
From: Germany (11/23/2023)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
We would like an inquiry for EN plus A1 wood pellets. We are a Czech company and intend to cooperate on a long-term and regular basis. Pleas...
From: Czech Republic (11/21/2023)
[Buy]: Eucaliptus chips
dear Sirs, I'm interested on eucaliptus chips for cellulose purpose. feel free to revert in case you need more deatils. thanks, rgds.&n...
From: Italy (11/21/2023)
[Buy]: Acacia Firewood
I am writing to inquire about the availability of Acacia Firewood Splinters in 5 kg bags in your inventory. The product in question is Acacia Firewood...
From: United Kingdom (11/20/2023)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
 We are interested in purchasing wood pellets in bulk from your company,  However, before further discussions, we kindly ask you to answer w...
From: Poland (11/20/2023)
[Buy]: Reg - Architectural Hardware Manufacturers
We are Oman based Trading company looking for architectural hardware manufacturers/converting agencies to supply on our brand name (OEM). Regards...
From: Oman (11/18/2023)
[Buy]: Laminated water proof plywood
We are located at Salalah,Oman. We are looking for Feiyawood 12 mm laminated water proof plywood for shuttering purpose. Could you please send...
From: Oman (11/17/2023)
[Buy]: Larch lumber
Please we would like to know the price for Larch sawn L 3000, W >400, T 28;35;55 Capacity: 100 m3/montly ...
From: Croatia (11/16/2023)
[Buy]: Ash wood
Hello, We are looking for ash wood boards 40mm of thickness. Please send us information about posibilities,quality and prices for that kind of timber....
From: Lithuania (11/15/2023)
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