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[Sell]: Butcher Block Countertop in Unfinished
Create a striking focal point in your kitchen with this natural hevea butcher block island countertop, left unfinished for your personal touch. Crafte...
From: United States (10/1/2023)
[Sell]: Exotic Zebrawood Tropical Hardwoods Saw logs And FAS Sawn
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Product name: Zingana / Zebra Wood Construction Timber, FAS Timber, Square Logs, Planks, Saw Logs, Why...
From: Canada (9/30/2023)
[Sell]: Mahogany Tropical Hardwoods Saw logs And FAS Sawn Timber
Mahogany Tropical Hardwoods Saw logs And FAS Sawn Timber Price: $400 to $520 per cubic meter Keywoods: (Mahogany Wood, Mahogany Sawn Timber,...
From: United States (9/30/2023)
[Sell]: Exotic Wenge Tropical Hardwoods Saw logs And FAS Sawn Timbe
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Product name: Wenge Wood Construction Timber, FAS Timber, Square Logs, Planks, Saw Logs, Why Choose We...
From: United States (9/30/2023)
[Sell]: Eastern White Pine lumber and more
We are the exporter of Eastern White Pine lumber. We also offer Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Sugar, Idaho White, Red and Southern Yellow Pine. Along with En...
From: United States (9/28/2023)
From: United States (9/27/2023)
[Sell]: Hardwood lumber and edge slabs
We stock hundreds of thousands of board feet of over 20+ species of wood in varying thicknesses. We kiln dry our wood to 7-9% moisture content and our...
From: United States (9/26/2023)
We have a stock of purple heart wood that we import from South America in our warehouse in Florida, we have live edge slabs, s4s blocks. We are wholes...
From: United States (9/26/2023)
[Sell]: Canadian Red Cedar Wood
Enhance your projects with our premium Canadian Red Cedar Wood! This high-quality, eco-friendly wood is the ideal choice for your upcoming endeavors....
From: Canada (9/25/2023)
[Sell]: Softwood Lumber
We specialize in the highest quality North American Softwood Lumber including Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Hemlock and Southe...
From: United States (9/22/2023)
[Sell]: Eastern White Pine Lumber
We are family-owned sawmill business located in New Brunswick, Canada. WE produce Mill run, Kiln Dried lumber. We process different species, but our m...
From: Canada (9/21/2023)
We can supply top quality American Walnut Lumber / Boards, Logs and Table top slab Logs in different qualities / grades. Made in USA quality, strict g...
From: United States (9/21/2023)
We produce 1-1/8" 4"-12" rough SYP KD Looking for a market. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION......
From: United States (9/19/2023)
[Sell]: Big Leaf Maple burl
Specialty wood dealer. Big Leaf Maple mainly but others available as well. Burls, burl log, cluster logs....
From: United States (9/18/2023)
[Sell]: white oak
When properly dried treated, oak wood glues well, machines very well and accepts a variety of finishes.  Kiln Dried 6-8% M/C......
From: Canada (9/17/2023)
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Sawlogs Bark On - Fresh Cut 13.5'/19.5'/26.5'/39.4', 12"+ 2SC at US$125.00/MT CIF HCMC/Cat Lai Port 3SC at U...
From: United States (9/16/2023)
Our expert eye for detail ensures we take great care in preserving the knots, shape and unique imperfections of every log; showcasing it?? beautiful a...
From: Canada (9/14/2023)
[Sell]: North American Veneer Logs
North American Veneer Logs and Sawlogs for Red Oak, White Oak, White Ash, Walnut, Hard Maple, Poplar, Cherry, Basswood. Together with various softwood...
From: United States (9/13/2023)
[Sell]: Eeastern White Pine
We produce 1-1/8" 4"-12" rough EWP KD Looking for a market for low grade. could load containers if needed. .....
From: United States (9/12/2023)
[Sell]: Solid hardwood live-edge furniture
Wild Edge Woodcraft is the best place to buy solid hardwood live-edge furniture, dining tables, computer desks, countertops, kitchen islands, bar tops...
From: United States (9/11/2023)
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