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[Sell]: Eeastern White Pine
I produce 1-1/8" 4"-12" rough EWP KD Looking for a market for low grade. could load containers if needed. .....
From: United States (6/13/2021)
[Sell]: Joinery products doors, windows, furniture
Our company IN WOOD is a manufacturer of exclusive joinery products made of fine wood and confier wood. One of the main benefits of company is its multifunction...
From: Ukraine (6/13/2021)
[Sell]: Edge-glued wood panels
We sell rubber wood and acacia edge-glued wood panels - specifications as below: Standard thickness from 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 26mm We can supply the sheets fr...
From: Vietnam (6/12/2021)
[Sell]: Teak logs
We export teak logs.  All sizes, minimum shipment of 5 containers.  Payment by L/C.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (6/11/2021)
[Sell]: Plywood
We are one of the good suppliers of plywood dealing with film faced plywood, commercial, container flooring ,core veneer, packing, furniture plywood worldwide. ...
From: Vietnam (6/11/2021)
[Sell]: oak ? ash, maple and walnut boards
Our company located in Ukraine and production edged and unedged boards from oak, ash, maple and walnut boards. Also our company currently production ash decking...
From: Ukraine (6/11/2021)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood), KD, 44X100X3000 mm small knots Video
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Spruce (Whitewood); Origin: North-West Russia; Moisture Content: KD...
From: Russia (6/9/2021)
[Sell]: Spruce or Pine T&G Wall Paneling 14x145x3000-6000 mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall Paneling, Siding manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) or Pine (Redwood) harvested at Russia's North-West. Fine gra...
From: Russia (6/8/2021)
[Sell]: Teak
Dear sir we have 100cbm teak wood ready according to your specifications www.fastimbers.com ...
From: Cameroon (6/8/2021)
[Sell]: Cheap price paulownia timber board
 Our factory is located in the hometown of paulownia wood, And we have 25 years history in producing it. We mainly produce paulownia wood edge glued b...
From: Vietnam (6/7/2021)
[Sell]: Supply wooden doors, & other wood products
Dear Sir or Madam: We are the manufacturer and exporter for Wooden Doors and Wood products. With this mail, we share to you as the value customers and near the...
From: Indonesia (6/7/2021)
[Sell]: Supply high quality Film Faced Plywood
Hefei Sinoply Wood Co.,Ltd is specialized in wood-based products including film faced plywood, commercial plywood, fancy plywood, MDF/Particleboard (veneered and mel...
From: China (6/7/2021)
[Sell]: Oak slabs
We mill slabs up to 36' We have oak We have Black Walnut Access to cedar...
From: United States (6/7/2021)
[Sell]: Commercial Plywood, AB, 8-18 mm
Specification: Commercial Plywood, AB, 8-18 mm + Face/Back: Bintangor/Okoume. + Core: Mixed local wood (Acacia, Eucalyptus, Ormosia and Styrax) + Size...
From: Vietnam (6/6/2021)
[Sell]: Birch lumber S2S, 1 Com, 2A Com from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: North-West Russia;&nb...
From: Russia (6/6/2021)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood), KD, 44X100X3000 mm small knots lumber
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Spruce (Whitewood); Origin: North-West Russia; Moisture Content: KD...
From: Russia (6/5/2021)
[Sell]: particle board
*particle board *MDF *melamine faced plywood.....
From: China (6/4/2021)
[Sell]: Kiln dryed firewood & kindling
Supply kiln dryed firewood & kindling . Can fill most orders on large fully grown trees. Just ask we may find it for you right here on our mountain....
From: United States (6/4/2021)
[Sell]: wood board manufacturers in China
whatsapp +8613188729097 We are a professional plywood manufacturer and exporter in China and wish to enter into business relations with your company.Looking forward...
From: China (6/3/2021)
[Sell]: hot selling 110kw 1 ton per hour biomass wood pellet mill ma
In addition to feed pellets, when making wood waste, agricultural and forestry wastes, urban solid waste, recycled pet plastic and other pellets, generally require a...
From: China (6/3/2021)
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